EP Fasteners don't scale

I created some bolts with EP fasteners and I want to scale them up 10x to workaround common issues with SU on small parts.
Problem is when I select the scale tool, the fasteners are highlighted in yellow as usual but there are no handles to scale them.
Is this normal with EP fasteners ?

Yes. This is apparently the way EP Fasteners works. You can open the component for editing and scale the geometry.

How do you intend to use these bolts?

Ok, I managed to scale the bolt, actually it is a threaded rod, see picture.
Thanks DaveR !

Good enough. So it’s just for show?

No it’s a design of a part which needs be machined and then assembled with pre-existing parts (heim joints)

But the threads in the model don’t have to be exactly accurate. They are just for show, correct? The threads won’t actually be created from the SketchUp file.

Ah no ! The design with all the measures will be used as a base for machining the parts.

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Why you ask ? Are these bolts not accurately dimensioned ?

They aren’t the best. Thread profiles aren’t exactly accurate and they aren’t very close to round so for something like 3D printing, they won’t give you great results. But used just for show, they are OK. Most people will be able to read them for what they are and your dimensioning will define them.

If you needed better looking or more accurate threads there are other ways to get them.

The trade off to keep in mind is that the better the screw looks, the larger the file size.

This is offtopic but since we’re discussing measures. I have problems with measures staying staying where they are supposed to be and not scale arbitrarily when I zoom in/out to print the design to scale.
I managed to solve this problem with 2Dtext but I don’t much like this workaround. Any suggestions ?

I would do the dimensioning and labeling in LayOut, not in SketchUp.

I never used Layout. Must give it a try sooner or later.

Yes you should.

Where can I find this plug-in or extension? I looked in SkechUcation but couldn’t come up with it.

EP Fasteners is available in the Extension Warehouse.


You can set the font to Height rather than Points and it will stay the same size no matter the zoom level.

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Thank you Box, that solves my problem !