Entity Info tag scroll down option is not working

I am having an issue with the tag dropdown menu in the Entity Info. I can see the list but it will not stay open for me to choose. I was able to highlight the tag box and scroll till I found the tag I needed, but now that is not even happening. I have done a work around by highlighting the item; then highlighting the tag; then using the tag icon and touching the object. The problem is that I am using this to hide lines and it only grabs the line 50% of the time when I use this icon. \

I did a search in the community and I do not see anyone who has had this issue or anything close to it in a couple of years.

I am using SU 2023; all drivers are up to date.


Can you share the SketchUp file so we can see if there’s something about your file that might cause the Tags drop down list to misbehave?

This isn’t a work around it’s a designed feature. You don’t need to highlight the object before using this tool.

You shouldn’t be giving tags to edges in the model. All edges and faces should be created AND remain untagged. Tags are to be given to objects (groups and components). If you only want to hide edges, hide them. Don’t tag them. That will create all sorts of trouble for you.

Please update your forum profile. It still says you are using 2019.

I don’t know why your system mouse click speed might have changed, but if it is set too quick, a fairly brief click might still act line a mouse down and mouse up, in which case the menu would go away.

Even then you can use the arrow keys to go up and down the list, or type the name of a tag to jump to that one.

I can share the file, however it has been happening over my last 4 projects. Which leads me to believe it is the program and not the file.

I am hiding lines to keep my wall clean between the existing wall and the new wall using a visual merge tag. I am not sure how I would accomplish this otherwise.

I have uploaded 3 photos also
1 - Shows line I want to hide
2 - Shows the two groups
3 - Shows the line hidden when I finally get the line in the groups tagged

Not sure where to update my info,

Dickerson_Kitchen_NEW.skp (3.0 MB)

If I understand you want to acheive this sort of appearance while maintaining separate groups for the walls?

I did that here by first correcting the tag usage setting Untagged for all the edges and faces. Then I edited the groups, selected, and hid the edges that don’t need to be displayed

Is there a reason why you don’t want to condense all of the wall geometry into a single group? The way you have the geometry grouped in this model seems strange to me. What is the benefit to you in have these three different groups with the larger two containing sub-groups.

As for the Tags list in Entity Info, it does work fine for me with your model. The fact that it’s happening with this and other models implies to me that it’s a mouse issue as Colin suggests. Is your mouse wireless? Does it need a new battery? Is it behaving strangely otherwise?
tag list

Ok, I can adapt to hiding the line in the method you described, by having it as a tag I could turn it on or off as I might need to see where it is.

I group outer walls from inner walls (existing/new); then I will group those to be demoed.

I do use a wireless mouse and will check the batteries, I will have to reply tomorrow if the battery thing was the problem. I would have thought battery issues would show up in more than one operation of one program.


I kinda like the feature in Archicad where when two coplanar faces in separate objects with the same material meet, the joining edge is automatically hidden. It doesn’t seem to be a big hit on performance. I wonder if it is an OpenGL feature.

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