Entity information panel not working properly

Hi everyone,
I’m running a PRO demo version of SketchUp and following the free courses on Trimble.
My Entity info panel oddly shows a “tag rimosso” (removed tag) and much less drop down menu it should.
I wonder if there is some fix, or if I really need to clean everything and re-install it again from scratch.

I work on Mac OS 10.7.15 + SketchUp 21.1.331

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

What you show is normal for what you have selected. Entity Info displays information based on what you have selected. As for the Tag field, in English it should read Untagged. Look at the Tags panel to see the available tags and add more if you need to. I don’t know if the translation for ‘Untagged’ to Italian should be different. Maybe it should be?

Since you have only a face selected, there shouldn’t be anymore than you are showing displayed in Entity Info anyway. If you select a group or component you’ll get more information displayed.

By the way, edges and faces should always be untagged. Only groups and components get tags.

Ah, now I see. The advanced options show up only for components, while I thought they were available always and for whatever.
Basically supposed the Inspector would allow me to change the dimensions of whatever (as in other 3D app), but I’m still adapting to how SketchUp works with dimensions.

Untagged should be “non taggato”, “non etichettato”. The word “rimosso” means removed and let think that there was something before.

There are some things that can be changed in Entity Info. If a field has a white background you can edit the value. So for example you can edit the radius of a circle or arc if the radius field is white. For other things the dimension change would be made in the model window. Exactly how depends on what change is needed.

As for the translation, that’s a good thing to pass on to the team. I’ll see what I can do about that.

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