Entity Info Panel is cropped

Hi all,

I’m having a visual issue with the Entity Info Panel on Sketchup Pro 2019 where the Entity Info Panel is showing up cropped. I’ve attached a picture with an example of this bug. Let me know if I’m missing something here and I can just fix this with updating a driver or similar.


Your screenshot did not post. Try again.

Thanks, tried again. looks like it worked this time!

Can’t tell you specifically why your Entity Info tray is covered but one step would be to ‘Repair’ your installation.
Find the original installation .exe that you used, probably in your Downloads folder or stored somewhere safe. You could download a new copy but 2018 can be harder to find if that is what you are using.
Once you have it, close sketchup and layout , select the file then right click on it and choose Run as admin from the context menu, follow the prompts and choose ‘Repair’ when it is offered. Follow the prompts. Once done restart your PC then open SU and check if it fixed it.

On a side note, your screenshot shows that you are using Layers incorrectly.
As a general rule, Layer 0 should always remain as the active layer, so the pencil should not move, unless you really understand why you have moved it (a rarity).
No edges or faces should be assigned a layer tag, only groups, components, dimensions, section planes etc… things that are objects and not raw geometry.
Layers do not separate geometry only groups and components do. So changing the active layer means you can actually have faces whose edges are on another layer and they can be interacting with other geometry. This way leads to madness. Have you seen this message?
With correct layer usage you should never get that error.