Entity info disappeared from mac screen

Hi there, my entity info box has disappeared. I’ve tried opening and closing it from the windows box and opening and closing SU completely but still can’t find it… Please can you help?

It might be stuck opening off screen, this can happen if you use multiple monitors sometimes. Have you tried Menu: Sketchup>Preferences>Workspace>Reset Workspace?

If you don’t see the panel on another monitor, and don’t want to reset the workspace, try command-option-d to hide the Dock. The Entity Info panel may be so low in the screen that the Dock is covering it.

Sketchup should fix this nonsense. I’ve never seen such a cobbled together UI that doesn’t appear to get ANY attention. These issues have persisted for YEARS. It’s getting kinda stupid. I use dozens of other apps and they don’t have this issue.

This is a huge flaw in the software and it’s not your fault. It’s absolutely the fault of poor or lazy developers who have absolutely no apparent interest in making this pro level experience despite the pro level price. It’s embarrassing for sketchup that this is happening still after so many years. It’s a known issue but it’s not considered big enough to even address.

I tested in Photoshop, and also in SketchUp. In both cases the lower panels get pushed upwards as you hide and show the Dock.

One problem variation is that you can sneak panels down to the right of the Dock. Then most of the collapsed panel title can be obscured.

I imagine that we could do something to help work around the problem, but at least macOS seems to be taking care of some of the issue.

It’s more than that. It’s that the palette structure basically explodes and scatters all over the place when you disconnect an external display and sketchup moves to the one display. It happens basically every time, often with some hidden.

I’ve been a broken record asking for this feature, so I’ll say it again:

Somewhere there is information stored about where the palettes are. Quit SketchUp and when you relaunch, it puts them back where they were.

I want a dialog box so the user can save that very same information with a name, then move the palettes to different locations, and save that setup with another name, so you can call them back at will. I’m not a programmer, but that really doesn’t sound like it’s that difficult a task to do.


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