Entity Info panel not sticking (Mac)

Using a 15” MacBook Pro I like to work without toolbars and panels to get as much work area as possible.

I’ve configured the ‘$’ key to show/hide the dialogs but toggling these on and off will “unstick” the ‘Entity Info’ panel from the rest of the panels and when it needs to expand this will now happen behind the other panels.

The problem probably occurs since the ‘Entity Info’ dialog will expand in size when the ‘Volume’ entry is added to the panel so a possible solution may be to make the ‘Entity Info’ panel static in size which would also prevent the stacked panels from “bouncing” up and down on the screen which would be nice as well.

The following video will show the steps to reproduce the error and also show the bouncing of the stacked panels when ‘Volume’ is snown in ‘Entity Info’:

You can reset the workspace and setup the panels again but as soon as you hide and show the dialogs the problem is back. You need to restack the panels to make the ‘Entity Info’ panel stick again but this works only until the dialogs are hidden again.

Sorry about the small size of the video. I made a larger export of the .mov movie but the upload to the forum was restricted to 3 MB. Hope you can still see it okay. :slight_smile:


Your right that this is happening, it is so annoying.

Also some time they, the dialog boxes are magnetized to each other but also without a change the next restart they are not stick together.

Yeah, that’s an issue with how the inspector windows are managed on the Mac. It has been that way for some time and has been reported before, but without any resolution.