To all,

Firstly, the version I’m using does seem to be quicker for some reason & even the general use of the everyday tools per-se seems to be more…………well cleaner to use for want of a better word, has anyone else thought this from the previous version ?

I must also add, for my main architectural everyday work, I use other CAD programmes, so I can go for months, as in this case, without firing up SU.

Anyway, I digress, the main reason for this post is this, I use to use the top pulldown menu when assigning grouped items to TAGS (layers) & yes, everything is drawn on the TOP UNTAGGED TAG (layer). But noticed a YOUTUBE video where someone was using the ENTITY INFO TRAY to do the same, having experimented with this, I’m leaning towards this way myself as the toggles, HIDE, LOCK, & SHADOWS are well placed in that area.

I’ve always wanted to see more functionality with the TAG (layer) TRAY, like other CAD programmes & the recent Add folder is great to see. However, as I can have many TAGS, one function to simply turn on & off specific TAGS I feel could be improved rather than scrolling through a long TAG list.

Therefore, when you click on any grouped items, I think another toggle: on/off in the ENTITY INFO TRAY would help this process & the same when right clicking on grouped items to invoke that menu as well.

I thought the ‘eye’ icon on the ENTITY INFO TRAY was that function for a few steps in my work, as it’s the same ‘eye’ icon as the TAG TRAY, so fooled myself for a moment on that one…… :blush:

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This looks like Feature Request. So maybe it should go there?

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Hi Simoncbevans,

My post was a little protracted, but another toggle on the ENTITY INFO TRAY when you click on a grouped set of items for: TAG ON/OFF would be good to see. Where is the feature request area ?

@CJT1963 , I moved it to the feature requests category for you.
Are you aware that new features will only reflect on the current latest SketchUp?
Can you update your forum profile with Sketchup version and licence type?
This helps us help you!