Entity info panel stuck

The entity info panel just lost its icon and I can’t find anywhere to click that closes it!
Edit: when I changed to the forum to write this post and then returns to the SketchUp window, the icon was back!

@slbaumgartner Thanks for the report!

I assume you tried scrolling the panel bar to pull Entity Info down far enough to see the top?
Did you try fiddling with the grey grab bar at the bottom middle of the Entity Info panel, to try to resize it?

Asking to gather clues to help confirm that something is busted, as well as to gather clues about how to reproduce on our end…

Hi Mike,

I tried everything I could think of with no effect. I know that included trying to scroll and clicking everywhere including blank space. I think it included dragging the gray bar at the bottom, but I couldn’t swear to that. Since the title strip wasn’t accessible I couldn’t close the panel. So I opened a browser and came here to report the problem. When I closed the browser and went back to SketchUp it was healed.

OK, well… strange/unsettling that it happened. But glad to hear that the app fixed itself after you came back to it. I’ll pass along the notes so that the team can keep an eye out for the issue.
If you ever manage to determine/document a set of steps to reliably reproduce the issue, please let us know.

Will do. FWIW this was on a 5th generation iPad Air (M1 processor).