Entity info window under construction…

Today, with some selections (that are one of multiple components in the file, and the other copies show fine) the entity info window is under construction?

Something I did?
Something in the program?
Too much torture for my file, it needs a nap and a snack?

Well, I’m super interested to hear what happens after you try giving the app a snack…

But also super interested to know what’s goin on there with Entity Info. Any chance you’d be willing to share the model with me?

Absolutely. But like the last couple of strange things I’ve experienced/ tattled on, it’s not doing it anymore. :grimacing: which I suppose I’m glad for, but I’d like to be able to better help you guys.

Watersmeet barn V4.skp (3.3 MB)

Things I took note of:
~ I had been skipping in and out of this file and an earlier save (which was much less refined).
~ Numbers 1 and 3 in the screenshot both did this until I saved, closed and reopened… each at a different time.
~ Number one is a component I downloaded from the warehouse, but there was another copy in the model which came up in the entity window when tapped, no issues. Tap the first one again and still this ‘under construction’.
~ Number 3 is a component that I made and copied into the file. There are 7 other copies in the model and it was hit or miss if they were going it show info or not, but always tapping on one under construction gave the same result.
~ I had four other aps open in the background. Gmail, Pinterest, Procreate, and Google search.
~ No mice, or keyboards or anything in use… only pencil.
~ I was definitely on the Internet at the time, one other computer sharing the connection, which is always a little iffy here in the northwoods.

Thanks for calling this out Dani.
The good news is that this isn’t the result of anything you, or your file, have done.
Rather, it looks like you’ve stumbled on a new bug in Entity Info that is affecting selection sets that contain multiple objects. When you have a selection that contains at least one component and at least one group selected, Entity Info :poop:s and shows the Under Construction banner.

I don’t think either of us will have much luck solving this one by trying to feed SketchUp snacks, so I’ll go ahead and get this filed in our system. Thanks again!

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More snacks would lead to more and larger :poop: :poop: :poop:s

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Well now here’s a stupid question… where would I go to do that?

I am willing to bet that Mike has a good answer to that.

With your model, or any other model, what are the fewest number of steps to show the problem?

I can log a bug report about it.

…so I’ll go ahead…

Words are hard. :man_facepalming:t2:

Excellent! :laughing:

I’m really glad you figured out that it was a thing and not my imagination.