Entity Info Dialogue Box


For some reason, the Entity Info Box is not showing any Layer information for any entities. It just says things like"face", “edge”’ etc. I’m a relatively new user to Pro, so maybe I switched something off accidentally, although I’ve read a number of models in SKP 7. Also, It seems that a model which was created earlier and WAS showing the information in the box now seems to be corrupted too?

Also, for what it’s worth. if I select a group, it gives me what layer that particular group is on, but when I open the group to edit, none of the pieces show in the box, just “edge”.etc.

Finally, the Entity info box itself is clipped, and only shows a part of the upper portion. It shows the “Layer” box, but not the “Name”.

Thanks for any help


It may be helpful to post a model showing what you have described. It is difficult to assess your issue without seeing the conditions encountered. It may be that your file will present to others with the dialog box issue appearing as expected, but there is no way to determine this until an affected file can be examined. Click the upload arrow (the 7th icon from the left in the reply box) to post your file here.


go to Preferences >> Workspace >> Reset Workspace…

should fix it…


OP uses a Mac, so if there is an issue with Entity Info, repairing SU by trashing plist(s) may be needed.


@catamountain, dragging plist files to the trash doesn’t work anymore…
the OS keeps a duplicate and replaces [intact] any that are removed…

In reality, plist replacement is now a Terminal.app or ‘Ruby Console’ activity for advanced users…

it’s time SU offered a one click, repair plist option in the Help menu…

the OP’s outline sounds very much like a known Workspace ‘plist’ issue and ‘Reset’ actually overwrites all the sub-windows size and position in the plist…

@Barry [I think] has posted more up to date plist removal info ‘somewhere’, although in this case ‘Reset’ should work…



Then the official help page needs some updating too.


John is right for OS X 10.9 and later. The official help page is correct only for versions 10.8 and earlier. In newer versions, .plist files are read as needed by the Core Foundation Preferences Daemon (cfprefsd) and cached until the user logs out. So, if you manually edit or delete a .plist file, you must also clear the cache either by logging out and back in, or by restarting cfprefsd. Also, it has always been true that most apps refresh their preferences data as they exit, overwriting any changes made externally while the app was running.


Is this the thread about the cfprefsd thing - though it’s about fixing shortcuts?

People still need to know all the plist names though to modify the advice for their issue.


That thread covers most of the points - though, as you said, specific to shortcuts as opposed to general SketchUp preferences. So yes, people still need to know where to find the .plists if they need to blow away their settings completely. The old help page is still correct about that.


Thanks so much. The reset took care of the issue. Really appreciate it.
I was hoping I wouldn’t have to get into all the other things being suggested…too much of a geezer.
I’m such better with pencil and charcoal…


…but you’re not such a geezer that you don’t keep your Mac OS updated - so that the reset option is good enough (in this case.) :wink: