Entity Info Box not showing all info


Entity Info Box not showing all info.skp (435.1 KB)

I’ve searched this site and understand that I may have a corrupted plist. I’m wondering if anyone can confirm that before I go through the process. I have 2 computers and it’s happened on both.


This is one occasion where the model doesn’t actualy help, a screenshot would be more helpful.
I can see everything in Entity info, but you may not have dragged down the dialog or hit the advanced button.


Please expand: what are you expecting to see that is missing? Like @Box, I see everything in Entity Info that I would expect, and I agree that this not likely to be an issue with the model but rather with either your configuration or usage.

Your profile says Windows 10. Is that correct? If so, please realize that plists are a Mac thing. On Windows the equivalent data is kept in the registry.



Move your cursor to the top of the components window and you should be able to drag the Entity Info window downwards while holding in the left mouse button?, thus showing more of it.


I can’t re-size the box in the default tray so I put it in another tray and was able to expand the size but still can’t see any more information.


Problems with PC’s Trays can be related to an incorrect installation [as can Shortcuts and many other random things…].
Repairing the installation should do no harm, and should not affect any custom settings or plugins etc.
BUT it might help !

Try this…

If SketchUp is open close it.
Find the SketchUp installer’s exe file - it’s probably in your Downloads folder - if you can’t find it download a new installer…
Select the installer’s exe file.
Right-click > Context-menu > “Run as administrator…”
When prompted choose “Repair”
When it completes restart SketchUp and see if the Trays are improved…

Installing complex apps like SketchUp in any other way can cause untold and unpredictable problems.
Double-clicking the exe will not run it correctly.
Even if you have ‘admin-powers’ it is NOT the same as using the correct method…


When you posted this I did not have the confidence to try it because of problems I’ve created in the past. I usually leave this kind of thing to experts like you and I was doing fine without the Entity Info. Today, I lost the ability to see ANY of my models. They open but I can’t see the model. Even if I start a new model and draw a simple line I can’t see it. I open SU 17 to see if I could see models and I can see my older models but of course not the SU18 ones. So I followed your instructions and am confident I did it correctly but it did not fix the problem. Any suggestions? Thank you for your generosity of time and talent.


Another possibility that has affected a lot of people recently is that Windows pushed a bad update to the driver for Intel Integrated Graphics. The test and for now workaround is to start SketchUp, open Window->Preferences->OpenGL and uncheck “use fast feedback”.


That did it. Thank you so much.