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I just downloaded SketchUp Make and created a new model. When I tried to save it (in all sorts of different folders) I got the “Don’t Panic” message. I clicked on “Fix now” and rec’d the second error message. My laptop is new and I’m running Windows 10. I don’t even know where to start to fix this - except ask you.
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Likely you’ve got a bit of bad geometry.Could you share the SKP file? Maybe we can help you figure out where it is.

Thank you. How do I share the SKP file? Glad to do it if you tell me how.

The Upload button is 7th from the left in the row above the message window when you are replying in the forum. If it’s too large, you can upload it to the 3D Warehouse and share the link.

I haven’t been able to save it so I don’t have a file to upload. I was able to export as a jpeg. But that probably isn’t what you want, is it?

No. the JPG won’t help.

Go to Preferences>General and untick the boxes for Automatically Check Models for Problems and Automatically Fix Problems. Then save it and upload it.

ok, will you give me a couple of minutes to do this…

Sure. Send a piece of pie, too. :smiley:

Ok saved. No pie. sorry
lavender.skp (757.1 KB)

Oh well… It was worth a shot. :wink:

OK, so I’m seeing a bunch of issues with your model. Some like this first thing isn’t a cause of your problem but it could be a problem later on. Most of the faces are reversed as evidenced by the blue faces.

There is some bad geometry such as the angled lines on the bottom…

…as well as some internal edges.

Some of the bad geometry is due to the fact that all of your geometry is connected. Discreet parts such as the shower doors should be components.

Great! This is good news. Fixable. I was worried that it had to do with my new laptop - and I’m also just getting used to Windows 10. Thank you SO much and I hope the next person you help is a baker.

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Not sure what I did to reverse all my faces. Is there something I can watch out for so that I don’t do it again?

Fortunately that type of error message usually does mean it is fixable. Most of the time it just has to do with how the model is created.

If it’s not too much of an issue, you might want to start over with the walls and doors. It would be better to draw them separately and use components. I’d also not leave the tile drawn as you have it because those coplanar edges could easily be erased.

If I had to guess, I’d say you drew a rectangle on the ground plane, outlined the walls and then use Push/Pull to pull them up to height. When you do that, it’s normal to see the faces reversed. You can correct the face orientation after you extrude them or, if you deleted the faces for the floor, the face orientation would correct itself.

I used the offset tool to make 6" walls.
Thank you again. Really appreciate it.

Ah, yes. That’s fine to do. I would generally delete the faces for the floor and put them in after making a component of the walls.

Among other things, using components (and groups) helps to prevent things from sticking together.

I’m glad it helped.

I’ll play around with that. I’m a rookie.
Have a good evening.

It’s good to experiment.

You have a good evening, too.

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