Validity Check, Errors Could Not Be Fixed, Cannot Save

I’ve been using Sketchup since it started (even after 2 hard drive crashes and new downloads). I’m a hard-core but recreational user (after being in design field for my whole career, now retired and only use it to entertain myself, but VERY proficient and prolific). I saw a note about signing in after October for 3D Warehouse…no problem, but I’m in the midst of a pet project and I can’t save anything (as of earlier today, October 26th). The message I get is this screen shot. I can’t afford to upgrade to Pro and I’ve had nasty arguments with people on this forum who say I should. Help please.! Thanks.

That message typically indicates there was some bad geometry somewhere and SketchUp tried to fix it during a save. It could be something you modeled or in some component from the 3D Warehouse. The message has nothing to do with the need to sign into the 3D Warehouse or the fact that you are using SketchUp Make. It’s just bad modeling somewhere along the line. It’s impossible to tell where the problem is from just a screen shot. Seeing the SKP file might help. Might not. One thing that seems strange is that you’ve modeled all your walls and floor with the faces reversed.

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