Enlarge color wheel, and add color hex code functionality

It’s hard to fine-tune colors with the tiny color wheel. I suggest a larger color wheel, a pop-out button, or an automatic pop-out of the wheel upon hover.

My current workaround is to turn my mouse sensitivity wayyyyy down. Sometimes I use the RGB sliders, but that’s tedious.

And am I missing the color-code input? e.g. #ffffff for white. because then one could use an external color picker, and copy-paste the code into SU.

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I guess I prefer the RGB sliders to the color wheel. I’ve never liked the color wheel in any application. The color picker I use gives me RGB values in addition to the Hex values.
Screenshot - 8_15_2020 , 3_25_27 PM

You could also use the HLS or HSB sliders.
Screenshot - 8_15_2020 , 3_26_33 PM

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I use “Color Maker by Didier B.” free extension from the Extension Warehouse.

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I’ll check it out – thanks!

Glad to help. We are all trying to make it easier for everyone.