Feature Requests: Materials > Edit > ColorWheel


  1. STOP with all the colors for “Lisanne” or whoever you make as a figure. Colors and materials are already unwieldy enough to sort through without you folks adding to the clutter.

  2. Make the color wheel in the Edit material section HUGE so that we can actually tweak colors. The little 3/4" circle is virtually useless for fine tuning.


You can remove Lisanne and all her colors and save as your own custom template. Then you don’t have to worry about having them in your way. Or pick a template which doesn’t include Lisanne. Also adjust camera position, field of view, Units, Precision and style settings to suit before using File>Save as template.

How about using RGB sliders instead of the color wheel? Then you can fine ttune the colors as accurately as you wish.


Yes, thanks, DaveR, I do make my own templates, but sometimes I have to open a fresh model and start building… It’s just a suggestion, I don’t see why a dozen random colors should populate every model, apart from Sketchup programmers wanting to change things up for new versions.

Also, for the color wheel, I use the RGB slider to manually input exact colors when I need to based on EasyRGB or the paint manufacturer’s specification – but for quick approximations it is not granular enough, and the complexity of RGB is not the least bit intuitive as is the color wheel with the slider is for working out hue, value, and chroma.

It seems it would be a very easy fix for someone at Sketchup to simply change the parameters on the color wheel to enlarge it to something really useful, wouldn’t it? Again, a serious suggestion to make the program more user friendly to power users.


I’m not understanding this. If you have created your own default template, you should never have any reason to see those colors or the figure standing at the origin when you start a fresh model. I haven’t used an OEM template in more than 14 years of using SketchUp.

Might seem like it. Typically with software modifications, changing one thing changes another and makes it not as easy as one would think. As a power user of SketchUp, I’ve never found any problems with the color picker as it is but it’s different strokes.


Sorry, but there’s something adrift in that statement. When you start a new model, you get whatever you saved as your default template. If you didn’t save Lisanne or the extra materials in your default template, they won’t be there…