Engraving designs into rune stones

I’m kind of new to sketchup but I am using it to create props and things for some short animated films I am working on. Can anyone tell me how I could create a set of rune stones? I have created the shape but can’t get the designs to save along with the shape of the stone…lol.

I sure would appreciate any help anyone could give me.

Danny Bright

Can you share a SKP file of what you got so far?

Are trying to engrave characters or “runes” INTO the stone ?

You create a face (a closed loop of edges) and push it into the shape with the PushPull tool.

You can engrave or inset runic characters into a rock like this (or were you planning to make the characters raised above the face of the rock?) Pretty similar procedure either way.



Yes sir I am trying to engrave the runes into the stone. Thank you so much
for taking the time to help. I very much appreciate it sir.

Thank you so much for you kind help sir but this is beyond my abilities. I am going to pay someone to
produce them for me.

I gave up way too easily and wanted to return and try until I am successful. Thank you to all who were kind enough to respond. As soon as I have a finished model, I will post it. Thank you again…now to work…lol