How do I engrave text on multiple shapes?


I would like to engrave some text on the upper disc (whole surface). Circles in the middle avoid me to do it simply…

Could you help me please?

Upload your model and explain it a little more… otherwise we just can guess, like this


sure here it is (text comes from an image, not from text tool).

Thank you.
S-GO-SilverCross 01.skp (381.9 KB)

I quickly checked your model and it is a “little” problematic… either you have to clean it up or, it is not that much complicated, perhaps better to redraw, one of the possibilities you can start like this:
(I suggest you to draw it in meters, - to avoid SU limitation handling small faces - then you can scale down it after)


Then you can easily put your text on top (which is actually a imported Sketchup geometries from dxf file)

Ok, I will start from scratch then :confused:
Thank you for your help!