English UK language on installation

Why is there not ever a choice to see UK English as an option when installing?
I do not speak US English, the spelling is often different. I don’t even see an international version of English, which whilst very similar to both US and UK English and a mix of the two… I would like to think that UK English should be recognised as being different… My point is supported by the fact that English in the drop down lists specifically states that it is US English…

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It’s the same with 99% of the words.

‘When Installing’ is the keyword here. The language selection during installation is (99%) of the time for the messages DURING install, it’s not the language of the installed app, that’ll follow the system language setting.

thanks… that’s not so bad. It feels like sometimes the English language is only recognised as the American language in many instances of software. small things…

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Well, since the american company who develops SU made it in american english (color… it’s colour!), I’m kinda expecting the installer to be in american english too :slight_smile:

and in general, yeah, american software companies tend to make their softs in american english too
And since it’s mostly a simplified English, it’s ok, the other speakers can understand it :stuck_out_tongue:

As the installer hasn’t been installed and thus trusted it has low privileges, as such it can’t/isn’t allowed to detect the system language.
The installer will come with a built in library of words/phrases used during the installation. To keep the installer small the library will only contain as few common languages as possible, English, French, German etc.
As to why it’s called ‘US English’ instead of just ‘English’ I don’t know but … SU didn’t write the installer, it will be part of the IDE suite SU is written in, probably Visual Studio for Windows and Xcode/Swift for MacOS so let’s not go accusing SU/Trimble of have some sort of bias in this instantance.


I’m loathed to say this but a lot of the American spelling such as colour/color is (I’m NOT saying right, dam you) more authentic.
Back in the good old days when we owned their asses the spelling would have been the same; without the ‘u’ but then they got all uppity and the rest is history. We evolved the language adding u’s and the likes and they didn’t.

But they do park on driveways and drive on parkways so that instantly makes their language claims completely sus. Plus we’re English, it’s called English so that makes us right!

I’m not sure but I think we got the ‘u’ from the French as part of the reparations following the defeat of Joaquin Phoenix, you lot had so many we took a load and thew them at our dictionary to see what stuck. Apparently Oui used to be spelt Ouuuuuui until we liberated a few of them. I’m sure there a dusty box of ones we didn’t use in a museum somewhere.

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Need to be careful there Paul :wink:

If you’re referring to me being in NI then I’m clear, I’ve lived here for over 25 years but I’m from England.
I know what you mean though (at least I think I do) and I get it, trust me :slight_smile:

I always found it ironic that I’m English, living in NI, with no religious affiliations at all and I’ve spent a lot of my career here working on Catholic churches.

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Euhm, is this all about “taking back control” ? :smiley:

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Quite, :smiley: !!!

My great-great grandfather was from County Down…

So, if you haven’t already, maybe you can get an Irish passport :wink:

I’ve very seriously considered it. If I was born here I could get dual citizenship but as I’m a ‘blow in’ I think I have to relinquish my UK one to get it … I could be wrong about that, I need to take a better look.

I think – sadly – it stops at great grandparent :slightly_frowning_face:

ah… maybe yes. My grandmother was my golden ticket indeed !

I think my grandmother was Irish or her parents were so I might be ok

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U r right - language evolves. But in defense of our system it should be pointed out that parkways were originally meant to be ways around parks and driveways were longer, leading to parking spaces. Now we have toll freeways that function as parking lots from 3-7 because there isn’t enough space, forcing people to use the parkways to get home. If they need to park when they get home, they may be out of luck as no one wants a freeway running through their yard. And don’t bother trying to park on a parkway. There are never any parking spaces available there. Side streets are for parking. Unless you have a driveway.

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Wh’re is mine own installeth’r f’r SketchUp Pro 1602

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