Install chinese version, turned to English version, why?

Please, check the picture. users downloaded the Chinese version, the install UI are chinese. but in the end, turned to English version. they wanna use chinese version.

SketchUp need the .NET framework and will install it if it isn’t installed. Can you translate the chinese dialog for us? Since there is a microsoft link in it, is it about this framework?

What you show is an image of the SketchUp installer (below) and the Microsoft .NET framework installer (above). From your description it seems something more is wrong: After completing the installation the SketchUp application shows English (?)

The SketchUp installer is an existing installer software that SketchUp did not develop on their own. The installer brings its own localization, so it may show the current system language (even for languages that the SketchUp application doesn’t support).

Since SketchUp requires .NET framework, the installer checks if it is available, and if not launches Microsoft’s .NET framework installer. This one is developed by Microsoft, and it is (unfortunately) Microsoft’s responsibility which language it shows.

After the complete install, the SketchUp application supports two languages: the language version that you chose as download (Chinese) and a fallback (English). Unfortunately SketchUp has a bad habit and compares whether the language is the same as your operating system’s locale. If it is not the same, it falls back to English.
That means if the operating system is set to Chinese, SketchUp should display Chinese. If the operating system is not exactly the same locale, like when I install the Chinese version on a German OS, SketchUp finds that it has no German language and will show English.

There is a workaround: You can force the language by passing a parameter to SketchUp when you start it. When you right click on a desktop file → Properties, you get a dialog like this:

In the target field, add -lang zh-CN after the path of the executable, so that it looks like this:
SketchUp.exe" -lang zh-CN
If you downloaded the traditional Chinese version, add zh-TW instead.

the chinese box shows: when download below resource something wrong, you could re download, or cancel.
http:// go.……

thanks, I will let partner know.