Eneroth Relative Move


I’m happy to introduce Eneroth Relative Move. This extension lets you move or copy relative to a source and a target group/component. For instance you can copy a curtain from one window to another, or a chair from one desk to the same position relative another desk, or a kitchen module between apartments, relative some other reoccurring element.




I am interested in anything that makes moving and/or copying easier since it is one of the commonest tasks. So I shall probably test this out. But before I do, how does it differ from native tools? Copying a chair from one desk to another maintaining the same relative position is easy enough already, isn’t it?


As usual the same results can be achieved by native tools, but this tool speeds up the process quite remarkably. Both translation and rotation is handled in the same step rather than two, you can click anywhere in the reference geometry rather than having to zoom in to click the exact corresponding endpoints, and you don’t need to enter the exact angle or fiddle with rotational inference.

Here’s an example from a video game map I’m working on of how quickly the extension lets you move and copy.


I think you can only trial something from within SU and your extension doesn’t seem to appear in the EW when you access it from there. Is it just a matter of waiting until it does?


I just noticed I hadn’t set the store index, so it was displaying along my free plugins, not at the top with the commercial ones. I’ve moved it up now. Searching for it also works for me (but is incredibly slow).


Forgot adding the video from the EW description page: