Is there an extension that lets me place an object with the arrow keys

HI Everybody,

My name is Bas ter Veen and I live in the Netherlands. I work in the Event branche. Over here there is CAD Program called Scad Re-Event (Briscad). They have a handy tool build in that lets you place objects/groups/components with just the arrow keys. You can adjust the distance between the objects. Also another handy tool is, rotate 90 degrees whit a singel key. Love it.

See link for a example. Here you see for example how you can build very easly a layher structure.

My question is, Is there a extention simelair like this? if not can someone build this please? :stuck_out_tongue:


Let me Know

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Hmm, that looks interesting! I haven’t seen an extension that does the same, however.

I don’t think there is. But even someone only familiar with the basics of Sketchup can easily place items and rotate them. In fact, it has become easier in recent years.

Move and Rotate with arrow keys - JHS PowerBar plugin

Hi Mihia.
I have downloaded de powerbar.
But this is not exactly what I meant.

Thanks for the effort :wink:

Hi Simon

Thats true, but if this extension exists that wil speed up my workflow :wink:

Hi Kengey

Its awesome right. I hope someone can pick this up.

Hi bas,
I am a SketchUp Extension Developer and I have been looking for more extension ideas. Your idea is very intriguing to me. If you are really serious about creating a extension I am up to the task but I will need some more information. I have seen some extensions like this. particuly daiku`s Rotate-90 extension. If you feel up to it then please give me some more information on my quetions below and expect to see your extension on the extension warehouse in 2 to 4 weeks.

  1. Did you mean arrow keys on your key board, on your screen, or both?
  2. What do you use more often; copy moving your objects/groups/components or just moving them?
  3. How does Briscad set how far to move the objects/groups/components or does it just “Know?”

I hope this can work,

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Hey JP,

First off all, thank you for being interested in my question.

I have downloaded the extension daiku`s [Rotate-90] after you mentioned it. And have tested it.
It is almost what i meant. I have assigned a short cut (around the blue axes) but in this extension you can’t hold the component. First you must place the component and than you can rotate it.
For the workflow it is better when you can rotate while you hold the component. (Just like in the video) :wink: .

1. Did you mean arrow keys on your key board, on your screen, or both?

this doesn’t really matter to me, if you could do both then that would be totally crazy, but I think it’s better if you keep it on the screen. Maybe make an option to assign a shortcut

2. What do you use more often; copy moving your objects/groups/components or just moving them?

Copy Move is what i use more.

Basically it is copy, move and rotate what I use constantly it actually goes hand in hand.

For example: I have to draw a lot of fences for a festival. this is not straightforward. therefore the native tools M + CTRL x no. are not useful. I want to hold a component and be able to place + rotate it.
Just like in the video with the scaffholding.

3. How does Briscad set how far to move the objects/groups/components or does it just “Know?”

You can set this yourself. It stands at 2072mm by default. (for scaffolding) But if you change the distance it will stay that way. Even if you do other tasks in between. Until you change it again.

Its not the Main Briscad but it is Scad Re-Events. It runs on Briscad but the interface has change. Its actually one big extention :wink: . It is really designed for the event industry. I haven’t used the software for a while. And it is expensive to purchase. But they offer a trial for 30 days.
This is the link:

Thanks again for everything and if you have any questions please let me know

(A Ruby code example to start with ....)

I posted an example in the Ruby API category (back in JAN 2018) that you can use to start with.

  1. Just change the Testing module to whatever extension submodule name you want.
  2. Wrap the whole thing in your unique top level namespace module.

What you will need to do is add the callback methods for certain keys, and apply the expected transformation to the instance attached to the cursor.

ADD: Oh, and also insert a test for whether there is an instance already selected, and assume that the user wants to Move rather than pick a new component to insert.

Hi DanRathbun,
Thank you for the information. I will need it.
Ps. Do you happen to know the best way to move edges around the model.

Taking this to a new API topic > Moving edges that already exist

Hi bas,

Thank you very much for your time. That is very interesting about the Scad Re-Events extension for Briscad. Tell me if you would like me to create any other extension for SketchUp that resemble Scad Re-Events.

There is just one more question I have for you. What what should we call this extension…?!
Every extension starts with a good name.

When I finish programming this extension I could send you a beta version so you can help me perfect it before I upload it to the extension warehouse. No pressure though.

I am so excited to see this as a real extension, Thank you again for your time,

Hi JP,

I have downloaded de trial. So i can have a look again at the software and tools tomorrow :wink:

Haha the name is important, let me think about some example.

I think it is pretty cool to help with a extension :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi bas,
That sounds great.
Its a pleasure to work with you too Bas ter Veen.

Bye for now :wave:

Hi JP,

I have some pictures of “the fast copy tool” (great name by the way :stuck_out_tongue: )

I hope this helps.

Hi bas,
I am sorry about the wait. :frowning_face:
Here, where I live, it is 8:00 in the morning. :laughing:
I love the name, “Fast Copy”. It is quite catchy and no one on the extension warehouse has taken it.
I am working on the base code now and it is going really well.
Ps. I think you can close this topic now. We are not really looking for the extension anymore. We can probably just message back and forth until the extension is done.
Thank you for the images,

? For moving use Nudge or Nudger. When copying and moving Nudge+