Move Copy button extension


Can some please develop a custom ‘Move+Copy’ button extension? I would like to click a button once with my mouse and copy instead of clicking the move command then pushing ctrl.
Would really appreciate this and think Sketchup should have it standard since it makes drawing more accessible & efficient.

You can program buttons to do copy and paste.

It is best to learn the native tools before using many of the extensions.

A longstanding request which has been ignored by developers for years (despite being standard in pretty much every other CAD program in the world). Not everyone sees the need or benefit (I do). It’s a bit like having a car that can turn right by default but if you want to turn left you have to press a pedal with your left foot (the one we used to use for the clutch) whilst turning the wheel to disable the default.

I thought I saw a post recently that suggested some changes made in SU23 would make copying faster but I can no longer find it.

For the OP there is a copy icon and a paste icon to be found on what is called the ‘standard’ toolbar.

As to the other it may be that you have heard and forgotten that a double tap of ctrl gives the move tool the stamp option that will continuously paste things wherever you click.