Eneroth Reference Manager


I’m happy to announce Eneroth Reference Manager today, after much hard work.

This extension helps you handle components linked to external SketchUp files. This can be highly useful to organize large projects, to collaborate and to increase modelling performance.

Some useful features of Eneroth Reference Manager are:

  • Bulk operations - Instead of reloading and re-saving components individually you can load or save them all instantly. Bulk Save As and Bulk Relink lets you keep the directory structure, but move it as a whole, e.g. when a project has been moved to a new folder or to replace a large quantity of low polygon components with the corresponding high polygon ones.

  • Seamless integration to SketchUp - Eneroth Reference Manager fully supports dragging files into the SketchUp window, placing from the component browser and importing from the File menu. No specialized workflow is needed. You can also start using it in existing projects with no prior setup, and share the files with someone not using the extension. It all just works!

Get the extension in Extension Warehouse: https://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/eneroth-reference-manager

Linkage between Auto CAD and Sketchup. (2D CAD file as reference in Sketchup file.)

Wow! I expect this will be your most popular - and profitable - extension yet! :+1:


I hope so :slight_smile: . Any help spreading the word is much appreciated!


Congrats and many thanks for doing this. Super useful.


I haven’t tried the extension yet so forgive me.
Two questions:

a) does the extension indicate whether any of the references are out of date?
i.e. I modify a referenced file in another instance of Sketchup, save it, and when I go back to the original file it indicates that the reference needs to be reloaded.

b) Are all the references reloaded on opening the main file the first time?
i.e. I modify some referenced files before opening the main file, save them, and when I open the main file these updated references are automatically reloaded?

Thank for all your great work eneroth3 I cant use sketchup without some of your plugins.


a. Not yet but it is planned for a future release. For now you’ll just have to press reload when you, or your college, have modified a linked file.

b. Nope. That would introduce serios lag on startup. However it is planned to be a question asking whether you want to reload modified files, and a per model option to not ask the question, identically to in LayOut.


Here’s a real life example of Eneroth referenhce Manager being used for my school project.

In one model I work on apartmnt, windows, doors and other components.

I then save them out and load them into the full project model.

Working on details gets much easier with a lighter and physically smaller model (no clipping plane problems). It also helps quite a bit to have the different apartment types placed more diagrammatically when re-occurring parts are copied between them. The same goes for performing corresponding actions to several of the windows, e.g. change the profile of the window sill.


Ene, one question:

Q. Do you have bulk discounts?


Unfortunately not as Extension Warehouse doesn’t support it :frowning: . It is a question I get quite often and I hope it is added in the future. I’ll pass it on to the developers!


Eneroth Reference Manager is now also available in german. This is the first real localized extension I release. Feedback on the translations or localization implementation are much appreciated!



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