Embedded links to 3d warehouse not loading

I’m not sure what that would be used for, but I’m sure it’s used for something!

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Looking into this now. Thanks for the heads up! Mudhut, feel free to PM me in the meantime.

Works in Edge browser.

Shows errors though:

Thanks Guz. The comment I made to Adam about removing the token out of the embed code is a current work around. Is this Issue easily fixed or should I go through my links to 3dwarehouse and remove the token? Is it just for analytics or is it got access too? Thanks. Chris.

Thanks. I’ve been using Chrome and Safari but neither work and both flash up a 401 error when trying to access the models.

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I cannot remember for certain, but I feel like this issue (embedding into a Wordpress site) has been an issue before…

Do you know if I can just remove the token reference in the embed code? It all works absolutely fine if I do so.

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