3Dwarehouse link doesn't respond to a click


I’ve just posted a reply to a forum post, including the URL of a 3Dwarehouse component set that I uploaded some time ago.

The correct image for the model containing the components appears in the post (as it does here), but clicking on it does nothing - I thought it should open a new tab or window on the warehouse at the correct page for the model.

I’ve included a text link as well by including the URL inside single backticks, which does work if you paste it in a browser, but it isn’t clickable here either.

Has something been broken again? There was this thread (now closed) which seems to refer to the same issue, back in March 2017:


The issue hasn’t been solved at that time either. They created a ticket about it but problem was going on.

Maybe this time @rchanley and @Aerilius ? :upside_down:


Hi all,

I just noticed that @Aerilius submitted a pull request to resolve an issue with the plugin related to Discourse security measures. It might take me a couple days to get to this, but I’ll test the changes out and get them through the process as soon as I can.



And the 3D viewer is fixed again! Thanks @Aerilius!

(Side note: To get any old embeds to work, you may need to edit the original post that contained the 3DW link so the iframe is rebuilt. I’m not sure if there’s a way around that.)


I believe “rebaking” old posts (rake posts:rebake) should be able to generate the new onebox iframe. In the admin UI one should find it as “rebuild HTML”.


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