How to embed 3D Warehose models directly in this forum?

Hi all,
I couldn’t find any info about how to embed 3D Warehouse or Sketchfab models directly in this forum like this?

It seems quoting above shows just an image in the preview (without 3D interaction), is that normal?

3D Warehouse Test:

Sketchfab Test:

Edit: So it seems like i got it work for Sketchfab but not 3D Warehouse, any clue?

Your link above is to an HTML page, … so no surprise that it fails. (You took this from the <iframe> embed HTML code, and iframes are ignored by Discourse for security reasons.)

Previously, there was Discourse OneBox support for the 3DW model urls.
See topic: Ruby on Rails guru, feature request

So just pasting the URL in a post, should automatically OneBox it:


So, if it doesn’t work, then either the 3DW OneBox Discourse plugin is broken, or 3DW is not responding to the Discourse OneBox requests.

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@filibis, you were thinking right, both html urls and embed urls are supposed to work.

3D Warehouse had silently changed their embed links. I fixed this bug at the beginning of the year. It just seems it has not yet been deployed (I thought someone wanted to care about it).


Hi all,

Thanks for the initial fix, @Aerilius, but that onebox plugin may need even more work because we recently changed the structure of our model URLs (those familiar with 3D Warehouse probably noticed the change).

Example (they’re both the same model):
Old: WALL-E Character | 3D Warehouse
New: WALL-E Character | 3D Warehouse

Our apologies that we broke the onebox plugin. I’ve filed a ticket and linked this discussion thread to fix it. And if it’s just a matter of deploying a new plugin version, that should be doable.


Thanks guys for addressing the issue real quick. :rocket:

Hi all,

We were able to get all of @Aerilius’ fixes into the onebox plugin and it should now be live on the forums. Can we get some confirmation that the plugin is working as expected?


I can’t rotate this and I get 100’s of errors

XMLHttpRequest.timeout cannot be set for synchronous HTTP(S) requests made from the window context.


Tried to embed via <iframe

It appears embedded and icon in the middle can be hovered but left clicking doesn’t affect anything.

[details=Test 1 via direct link]Below test with this url ~[/details]

[details=Test 2 via embed link]Below test with this url ~ Embed Page | 3D Warehouse
Embed Page | 3D Warehouse
Above embed url lead me to an ‘odd’ page that i need to click again to the image and then it redirects me to this url ~ SketchUp (and i can see and rotate the model with this ‘my.sketchup’ url)[/details]

Same here. Exact same symptoms on both tests @filibis show above and on the test @MikeWayzovski showed as well. Identical results across 3 browsers: IE, Edge, and Chrome.

My thoughts on this is that it would be nice if 3D Warehouse provided a links button which shows URLs for the following for the selected model:

An image (.png)
The model (.skp)
The model in Collada DAE format (.dae)
The model in GL Transmission Format (.gltf) for embedding in webpages as 3d viewable objects.

Also (and my apologies if I am going off-track a bit), aside from Private or Public options for the model, there could perhaps also be a ‘Semi-Private’? option, that allows a model to not be found within the 3D Warehouse search engine (it is treated as private), but the model can be downloaded or viewed via the link.

This would allow you to share you model with friends, without it being public, or even post it in this forum, again without it being made public except via the forum.


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