Embed of models allowed?


I recently found out that it seems not allowed to make little changes to 3DWarehouse models, upload them and use them on my page.

Now the question is if it is allowed to embed the original models into my page?

The page is about computers and consoles and - if possible - I want to display 3d models next to my information text and images (own content). Max 1-2 3d models per information page. All in all I found about 60 models which I would use for my homepage.

I also have some permission to change some models, but I am not sure if it is allowed to do that. There is an embed button on one hand but on the other hand it seems very restrictive.


If you weren’t allowed to embed models I don’t think there would be an embed feature in 3DWarehouse.

Are these your models, … or someone else’s models ?


My original plan was to slightly modify existing models (not done by me) to make them better and uniform looking. I was told this may cause problems, so my new question/plan would be:

Can I embed the ORIGINALS of existing models (not done by me) into my homepage?

I also got permission of one author to use and display his models, still it may be a problem for 3DWarehouse to use the embed function to display them on my page?

I think I will move on planning my homepage without the 3d models. It’s too complicated as it seems not allowed to display 3DWarehouse content on other pages. I am not sure why there is the embed function if it can’t be used. This is not good for 3DWarehouse community nor is it good as it would be advertising from other pages. I have now done some models, based on existing ones, and cant share or display them. I thought it’s a great idea but it seems nobody really knows an answer.

Very strange but I respect the original owners of course.


Sadly, it might be. According to FAQ:

  • Can I incorporate models from 3D Warehouse into my website for use by my members?
    Answer: No, this is impermissible aggregation.
  • Can I include models from 3D Warehouse in the research project I am publishing?
    Answer: No, this is impermissible aggregation. You need approval of each developer.

Someone else told me that it may be allowed for single ones, but you “cannot create a 3DWarehouse and steal all or many” of the models. Again, I only would use some as additional and not main content of the page, but as you see the terms “many” can vary a lot and thus, as there is no definite answer to this question, I think I will not display anything, neither my mods nor original embedded models, as the embedding seems to be a problem for them, despite offering this function.

That feature is designed to be used by those who make their own models so they can embed them on their own web page.

Perhaps you could contact the authors of these models you want to use and offer to purchase them for use on your site. As it is, you seem to want to take the work of others to use on your website.


They are publically shared and linking to the original page is also allowed (e.g. a href tag). .

I do not want to purchase or sell anything, I just wanted to embed them but I did not know that the function is only for the original authors

I will therefor remove all the 3DWarehouse embedded content before I upload my page and will not use 3DWarehouse or content from 3DWarehouse or use it in future or its associated products. Has no value to download or modify models if you can’t use them anyway. An architect can sell it according to the FAQ, but I cannot embed it in an absolute ad-free, free to use page if anyone can just click on 3DWarehouse and see the same model. Anyway, it is what it is.

Thanks clearifying that.