Commercial use




I want to ask about using 3D Warehouse on my web page… It’s about some products (not eshop), just information and offer. And the main thing i want to ask is if i can represent our product by models created in sketchup(by myself).

In short if i can add HTML code from 3D Warehouse to my product page because i cant find some relevant info

Thank you for reasonable answers (and sorry for that english… :smiley: )


Hi Matus,

Can you describe how you want to use 3D Warehouse on your web page, maybe send a link to the website to help us understand?

Do you want to use the embed function on your website?




As you wrote, i want use embed function on my web page.

I add code on my website just for you to help understand now… here it is -->



• 3D Warehouse : Terms of Use
• SketchUp Help : 3D Warehouse Terms of Use FAQ


If you are the original author of the relevant models on 3D Warehouse you are free to use them with the embed on your website. If you are not the author of the models in question you should contact the author for permission. Or create your own models and upload them.

I hope this answers your question.