Ruby on Rails guru, feature request


We need a plugin author (Discourse Plugins) to craft a plugin which will allow a onebox for viewing 3D Warehouse models.

How to embed 3D Warehose models directly in this forum?

Do embed links work?



hmmmm I guess not :\


They do, once you become a real boy. You gotta earn your stripes I suppose. (I think it might be 5 posts, maybe not.) I’ll look into it.



Oh, yah … no iframe


Something like this?

Edit: Moved attachment to


I think so? Did someone already make this on another Discourse? how cool is that! (or are you bitnami?)

Is this just an animated GIF? I’d love to see it being the orbital version like you see in the 3D Warehouse.


That is just a screenshot gif from a test installation.
I have attached the plugin. If desired we could of course put it in a repo on github.


This is great aerilius! I’ll see what it takes to make it a plugin or if we want it in Github for tweaks and whatnot.


@jody its already a plugin there :slight_smile: I can very easily wire it into this install but would much prefer if the code lived in an official sketchup repo, its a bit high risk tying our build to @Aerilius’s repo, by forking it you can better control when this gets updated.


I agree that would be better (I just had put in the repo because noone else did so far).
This thread is overlapping with the one in the piazza (and still public).