Embed to homepage from 3D warehouse fails

I´ve found that when embedded on my homepage, the 3D Sketchup models are only available when I´m signed in to my account.

If I´m not signed in, the 3D warehouse frontpage is shown instead of my 3D Sketchup model

Is this the way it is supposed to work - or am I doing something wrong?


as you can tell the two snippets of embed code are exactly alike - so why does one work and the other one does not ?

Screenshot taken when I replaced with new embed code - and all of a sudden all models embedded on my site works again - for a while…


Yea, it works for me… you aren’t making it private, are you? That’d require login. We’ll see if we can reproduce your error, or if it comes back or you get an idea what’s causing it, let me know. This seems to ring a bell, but nothing pops up immediately.

We had a simular question this afternoon from aluvision, yet I could not reproduce, neither

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I have made a short video showing the scenarion - pls click the link below (Wimeo)


Seems quite strange…


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Thanks for sharing the video. I was able to reproduce this on your site.

We’ll look into this issue.


@ScandiProof Can you try again and see if it’s working as expected now?

works nicely in Safari (Desktop) - the model shows and is downloaded on iPhone (but can’t be manipulated) - and on iPad it just shows an empty space. :slight_smile: