Embed Thumbnail link

I was wondering how we embed a thumbnail image for a given embed iframe? For instance, when you go to your favorite model (say https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/8b335c09-bf9d-4e57-8abf-3d14fe214c7a/OCCC-N210-Empty), I see a link on the right to get the embed code for the 3D viewer. When I click on the embed code for the thumbnail, I get the same iframe for the 3D Viewer. I was hoping to get a direct url to an image that I can use in an attribute. I also tried to look at the src of the image that is displayed on the model page, but it seems to look up a different UUID instead of using the same model id.

Ha, I did the same thing you did in looking at this: if you only want the thumbnail and not thumbnail-before-clicking-for-3DViewer, you have to add “&etp=im” to the end of that url (which the embed code has, but like you, I chopped it off because I wanted to ignore the size settings that came afterwards).

So this link should work, without allowing click through to 3D Viewer:

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