3D Warehouse embed model only no preview

Hi so I went ahead and embeded the model viewer and I was wondering if there is an autoplay option that I can toggle so that the preview thumbnail is clicked and the model starts loading automatically. I saw that there was a previous post asking the same thing from 2016 and a Developer said that they would file it as a function request and I was wondering if this was ever implemented because I couldn’t find anything in the documentation or forum search.

It is possible to do this, but it isn’t recommended unless you really need it. Loading the 3D view of the model can lock up your browser until it is finished loading, and this only gets worse if you have multiple 3D views loading. It will also likely alter your browser history (meaning the back button won’t work as expected, you would need to click it twice quickly to get back to the previous page).

If you are sure you need it and aren’t worried about the browser history/ui locking up while loading:
Add &noEmbedWatermark=true to the iframe src url

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Thank you so much I’ll implement it and check for the performance issues you spoke about.