3DWarehouse model viewer in IE11 shows static image (embedded)

I was wondering if the support for IE11 has changed recently with the 3DW viewer?

I believe IE11 used to show the full webGL rotatable version of the model. But as of about 3 weeks ago, I noticed that embedded iframes of a 3DWarehouse model only shows a static (single) image. When I access 3DW directly in IE11, I see an overlay that says “(see) 3D Model” and that button yields a rotatable jpg (but not the webGL version). The overlay “(see) 3D Model” does not show if the embed code is used in an iframe (or by itself).


If 3DW has dropped support of IE11 that’s understandable! I just wanted to confirm and to ask if at least the rotatable jpg image should appear when embedded instead?


Hey, Steve. We don’t support IE11 with my.sketchup.com or 3DW viewer. If you open my in IE11, you’ll get this:

Bug filed. Thanks. Expected behavior is to just get the thumbnail to stand in, not the rotatable jpg.

Thanks @Barry! I figured that was the case. Is the “bug filed” to at least show the rotatable jpg? Or just to generally do “something special to make it work right” :slight_smile:?

We’re looking down the road to make this work in 3D on all. We’re betting on browsers getting better at this with each version (they are), and even though we have a patent on “Lightweight three-dimensional display”. For example, even though you get the whoa cowboy on IE11 when you go to https://my.sketchup.com/, it’ll run.

There’s another situation where we get this swivel view: if you come upon a model that can crash WebGL in your browser, you may not be able to launch again, and you’ll get swivel until you restart your browser, because the test for a GL canvas will fail. Lesson: anytime you get a failure, restart and retry.