Egg shaped 2d graph into a 3d form

had an egg shaped 2d graph put into sketchup and I wanted to have it spin to make a 3d egg shape
tried the follow me tool used when transforming a circle into a sphere but it didn’t work
need some help plz

also, can anyone tell me how to fill in the empty space between two lines/inside a polygon? never figured out how,

Connect the ends of the curve with a straight line to get a face to use with Follow Me.


If you post a .SKP model file for either situation you describe, I suspect that a helpful forum member will look at your model(s) and offer specific suggestions. To post a file, drag the file into a new reply window or use the 8th icon from the left in the little tool bar at the top of a reply editor (the icon has a large up-pointing arrow).

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connecting the end doesn’t seem to get a face 4 me…

If you attach your model we can see what is wrong with it.

That would imply the edges you have now are either non-planar or your edge drawn to connect the ends is not in the same context.

As @TDahl asked you yesterday and @Box asked you today, upload your .skp file so we can see exactly what you are working with. That will eliminate the guessing. You should have had an egg a long time ago.

gahhahhh.skp (341.0 KB)
desktop started to update for no reason… so it took a while

So the reason you didn’t get a face is the edge you drew was outside the group containing the curve. You can see the blue bounding box of the group when you select the curve.
Screenshot - 4_14_2021 , 8_43_59 AM

Open the group for editing before you draw the edge.

It would be easier to do the Follow Me operation if you either explode the group or put the path circle inside the group.

When you draw circles in SketchUp it is a good idea to drag out the radii on axis. Here you’ve drawn the circle with the radius at some random angle. The guidelines are parallel to the green and blue axes.


you’re a lifesaver…

Thank you.