Editing objects in Layout

Greetings, 1. is there an “edit mode” for editing objects, groups etc. in Layout like in SU?

and more importantly 2. in Layout can I edit objects which I created in SU and imported from there?


You can edit a group created in LayOut. Either double click on it with the Select tool or right click on it and choose Edit Group as in SketchUp.

No. You’ll need to go back to SketchUp to modify groups in the SketchUp model.

Keep in mind that the viewports are just that, viewports of the SketchUp model. More akin to images of the model that should be tied to the scenes in your SketchUp file.

In addition to what Dave said for 1. you can also use the Enter key to enter edit mode of a group or entity that you want to modify, and the Escape key to exit edit mode.


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just to add in a thought.

DaveR probably already knew this but I just go it figured out recently thru a friend…If you load up your layout file and then click on any viewport and pick, “Open file in Sketchup”, you can then do your model editing on the fly. The great thing is that all you have to do is save the Sketchup file and all changes will automatically update back in Layout as soon as you go back to it.

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awesome thanks!

thanks KB, very helpful. it works great…however what’s the deal with a new SU file opening up every time I have to go back to SU to make changes? A window pops up “file is already locked by another user (me). do you want to open as ‘read only’?” This seems arduous and leads to a file I can edit but not save.

You’ve already opened the SU file by right-clicking>Open file in SketchUp and sounds like you left it open - which is OK.

You’ve then right-clicked>Open file in SketchUp again and because it is already open it says “file is locked by another user” - you just need to open once…

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If you’ve already got the SketchUp file open, there’s no need to be opening it again. Once is enough.

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thank you!