Running both Sketchup Pro and Layout at same time

I am very new to Layout. I have Sketchup open and I sent my drawing to Layout. Is there a way to have Layout update any changes I make in my Sketchup drawing, or must I close Layout, then re-send my Sketchup drawing to Layout to see my changes?


You can have the LayOut file update automatically with changes to the SketchUp file. At this stage in your project, close the SketchUp file. Then, in LayOut, right click on a viewport and choose Open with SketchUp. Now after you edit the SKP file and hit Save, returning to LO will cause the viewports to update.

It’s important to avoid making the scenes for the viewports show as Modified in the SketchUp inspector window or scene-specific changes made in Sketchup will not show.

This same sort of idea of opening a file for editing from LO applies to images and RTF files. If you have an image that you wish to change, open it in your image editing software from LO and make the changes. When you save the changes and return to LO, you’ll find the changes appear there.

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