Open in SU to **same scene** as viewport in LO

Minor nuisance but when opening a SU model from LO viewport it would be nice if the model opened directly to the same SU scene as the LO viewport.


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Opening the model open it as it is, without altering it. I think it would be confusing and obfuscate which way data flows if the file was altered when opened.

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Interesting…I find it mildly disorienting when opening the model in SU Via LO and the view is nothing like the viewport in LO…seems to me if what you see in LO needs editing and you open in SU to a completely different view and or layer visibility…that would be somewhat confusing.
No right or wrong I suppose…I just see it differently.


I agree with @Charlie_v

If the model isn’t open it should open and switch to the scene active in Layout. If the model is already working and you’re working on it, when you click on open in SU it activates the Sketchup instance you’re working with and it could send you to the correct scene.

It isn’t a minor thing, actually I think this feature could help a lot in the overall sketchup and layout workflow.

Yes I had the same thought many times.
Especially when showing LO to newbies.
It seems logical to me.
And the close relationship between LO and SU would be emphasized a lot.
So I second Charlie.

I think it is more important to mentally map the model to the state you left it in, sou you understand it is the same model, than mapping it to the LO viewport.

Ideally LO shouldn’t even have to reference scenes but only the physical aspects of the model, and the viewing aspects (scene properties) should be saved to viewports, to neatly separate design and presentation into two separate layers. I think LO affecting SU would be data flowing backward.

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I would use ‘programs’ instead of ‘layers’ ,or it gets even more confusing :smiley:

Model in SketchUp, present in LayOut…

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Layer is a commonly used term in computer engineering, but in this case each such layer consists of a separate program.

SU Model linked to LO viewport(s) [check]
SU scenes control what is seen in LO viewport(s) [check]
If SU model is edited via LO (open w/SU) you are presented with a view very unlike the LO viewport (99.9% time)

Seems to me the (scene) linkage already exists to preserve what is displayed in LO and updated as SU model is revised. Maybe I am not fully understanding…but in my mind the connection is there to “activate” the SU model scene related to the LO viewport when “going through” the LO viewport to edit the SU model.


If the user intended to modify the model anyway, it does not matter.

If the user wished to only open and zoom, pan around orbit etc., perhaps a new function to open read-only in Desktop Viewer.

Except this doesn’t work (on 2018.) I just tried it and it attempted to open a completely new instance of SketchUp, which failed with a “document is locked by another process” or similar message.

You can’t edit a SketchUp model from LayOut, only set viewport specific overrides.

via LO is to me “from” LO…but I understand what you are trying to clarify. (You cannot edit a SU model instance in LO ONLY)

If I am understanding correctly: you are requesting that when in LayOut, if one context-clicks a viewport, to select “Open with Sketchup”, you want SketchUp to open with the particular scene?

From a technical perspective, this should not be difficult, as it is already possible for SketchUp to be run from the command line, specifying the scene:

That is to say, it is already possible to open SketchUp from the command line like this:
$ Sketchup.exe -page "Scene 1" "path/to/my/file.skp"

from Windows, at least, Mac needs to use a more convoluted method to do this. So it shouldn’t be difficult to implement.


Yes …natively


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… AND, … if it is already open … just switch focus to the SketchUp window and activate the desired scene page.


I don’t see how this feature would cause confusion at all in existing models @eneroth3 if you would open a model from any other method you would have it as you had it when you saved.

It’s only in that particular Layout right click action scenario that this would help.

To do what? Remodel? Arrange furniture? Delete walls?

or just to adjust the view for that scene and switch some layers?

To address future developments, it is important that collaboration is implemented right. Should the ‘owner’ (or responsible) of an object/entity be notified?
Do you have permission to edit, or just make preso’s?

If you want LayOut to grow, you must think big. Big as in more then a one-man-show.(or small company)

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Mike…it is not clear to me whom you are responding…so I would just say that however an individual or firm(s) policy(s) handles their LO & SU files currently would remain unchanged.
The only “added” functionality I seek is to have LO viewport be identical w/SU scene when opened for edit in SU.

I also don’t see this feature request as a big one or that iit has interference with the bigger questions you are arising.

Collaboration using SketchUp and Layout is what I do everyday, and it’s a much needed discussion, but a bit out of scope in this case, imho

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I think that when you leave a document you should always be picking in up in the same state so you can easily see its the same document. You can easily mistake it for another file if it suddenly doesn’t match its previous state. Especially if this feature would change scene in an already open model you might be looking for that original model in the taskbar without seeing its the same. While I can see the temptation in this idea it goes against the already established nature of documents.

If you should be able to change the SketchUp scene from within LayOut, such feature should be a separate explicit action, e.g. a context menu entry “Select Scene in SketchUp” or “Send View to SketchUp” , not silently included in a separate action.