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I’m new to SketchUp and have been watching a few youtube videos to help the steep learning curve! One one of the videos for the free version shows how you can edit materials but when I click on the edit icon in materials the sidebar comes up with the upgrade option. What am I missing?

In short: Ca$h to buy a “SketchUp Shop” licence.
Unfortunately web based free version does not allow to edit materials. Maybe the video you have seen not only about free version.

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Hi dezmo. Definitely free online version. Video dated 17 Feb 2020. Is the online version of free different?

Just knowing the date of de video I can not judge the content… Can you please share a link of that video?

I don’t understand this? Different compared to what?
There is a different online versions:

Just gone back to the video and looked at the comments below and it seems the guy who posted it was using a 30 day trial with extra features and hadn’t realised, so that seems to answer my question.

Lol - I’m that guy - sorry about that :slight_smile:

It literally didn’t mention anything about me being on a trial anywhere, so I totally missed it when filming the video

Wow Justin, you’re still using the free trial? :rofl:. You should really check out SketchUp Pro. There are some great videos on YouTube by this guy…

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I’m confused, there should be no difference editing a material in Pro during trial or after the trial and I don’t think the web version does trials, so it either works (shop) or it doesn’t (free).

Can you link the tut so I can get my head around this.

Edit: I think I got it now, if you have the Studio trial it gives you access to the shop version until the trial ends. So I can see how it happened.

LOL - this may surprise you, but the free online version isn’t the primary tool I’m using right now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think this was it

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