Editing components with content from the model

Hi everyone.
I’m learning sketch up and getting some practice with the components.

I’d like to know, let’s say I created a window, made it into a component, everything good. Went to edit it and without realizing I got out of the component and kept on working. So now, the frame I drew is not in the component but in the general model itself. Is there any way to bring content from the model into the component? (similar to when you’re in cad working on a block not on the block editor but in model space and you bring lines from the model onto the block).


Yes. You can do that. Select the frame geometry and cut it to the clipboard (Ctrl+X) , then open the component for editing, right click and choose Paste in place.


Life saver! Thanks a mill

Edit/Cut then open the component and then Edit/Paste in Place

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