Editing colour of imported icons in Scrapbook


Hi Guys. Newbie here!
I would like to find out how to either: a) Keep colours from icons imported from Sketchup to Layout Scrapbook,
or b) edit the colour of the icons in the Scrapbook once imported.
My icons are colour coded in Sketchup, but come across to Layout in black. The only geometry I can seem to affect colour on in Scrapbook when I use the Colours and Shape Style tabs is the perimeter of the binding box or the background of the binding box area. Imported icons style is set to shaded.


It can be done but it depends on the way your files are created. Can you share a LayOut file that includes the icons. If you don’t want to share it publicly, you can send it via a private message.




I am wanting to change the icons in the legend to the corresponding colours in floor plan.
Thanks again


Got it. One moment.