LAYOUT - Global Colour Change

Maybe a feature request or maybe a UI process I am missing !

I want to change all my existng text, lines, fills of my scrapbook general notes and symbols templates from Black to Dark Red.

For text it is easy, I can just select everything and select new colour from Text Styles

But for Strokes and Fills it is very problematic: as soon strokes and fills are edited globally I get strokes around shapes that never had them, [eg text boxes] and unfilled shapes become filled… forcing me to individually select every entity to explicitly change its colour either for the stroke or the fill…

an exceedingly time consuming task , especially for grouped items.

Is there any way of globally changing the color of a selection set without changng its visibility status?

PS, I am getting carpels syndrome from the amount of left clicking I am having to do!

This is a frustrating task indeed