Layout: changing entities color in a group

I am a little surprised I couldn’t find this topic raised , but again trying to use Layout for documents I struggle to do things in it that are so simple in PowerPoint… Yes… PowerPoint… and before you laugh I find I can produce presentations dramatically faster, more flexibly and universally available for further processing by my clients [everyone has PowerPoint].

So here is another example of the seemingly torturous interface in LO…


I wanted to change this symbol from black to red in layout.

It is a group, containing a text entity, some lines an a fill.

In most software I would just select the group and then select a colour from a dialogue box and bingo it would change to that colour…

In LO unless someone can enlighten me I have to

1 select the group
2 double click to enter the group
3 select the text object
4 open the TEXT STYLE tray
5 click on the color selection box in the TEXT STYLE tray
6 click on the desired color swatch in the COLORS tray
7 select the symbol object [linework + fill]
8 select the stroke color swatch on the SHAPES STYLE tray
9 click on the desired color swatch in the COLORS tray [ the linework only changes to red]
10 select the fill colour swatch in the SHAPE STYLES tray
11 click on the desired color swatch in the COLORS tray [ the fill only changes to red]
12 click to leave the group selection

Now, I know there are a lot of very smart people here… does anyone know a faster way of doing this?

Powerpoint 2 clicks

Layout 11 clicks [at a minimum, assuming you don’t make an easily made sequence error in the 11 steps]

and SKETCHUP TEAM, can I suggest you have a look at Powerpoint , I am no big MS fan but it has become a surprising very capable and efficient presentation package and as it has such a huge user base the UI operations are very familiar to most people. some key aspects I use are

Slide Masters + layouts
URL linking
Drop Shadows
Image effects
PNG , SVG import

example 1: A3 Sketchup Plan [in a slide master] with traffic flows over [much quicker than in LO and better looking]

PS the SU underlay plan can be linked to image file for automatic updating [just like Indesign]

Example 2

Signage design draft [to scale] with notation

Now if LO was this simple, versatile, universal I would use it…

Here’s one way to go about it. Not quite two clicks but close. Uses the eyedropper and something that has already been formatted in the colour you want (which could be temporary and deleted once you’ve finished editing.

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thx Simon, nevertheless you can see the problems, the text now gets a line box around it and the arrow looses the fill… which require more steps to correct…