Darken the chosen selection item in Layout, like Fill, Pattern, or Stroke in the Shape Style Window

Lightness of Selection Example
Since updating to Sketchup 2022 from 2021, and also updating to Mac OS Monterey from Catalina right beforehand, selections of items in Google layout like Fill, Pattern, Stroke, or Dimension style selections etc. appear extremely light, which was not an issue in previous Sketchup versions for me. It is also not evident on any other apps (Text editors, Adobe CS, etc) while using Monterey. In the image uploaded, Stroke is highlighted, and you can barely distinguish it from the background or the non-selected items. Please can these selections be darkened or made otherwise to stand out more?


There is currently no such a thing “Google layout”. The SketchUp and related Layout program are own by Trimble since more than 10 years.

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