Edit an imported 3D object

I have imported a OBJ file with FluidImporter-extension and when I try to edit the 3D objekt i Sketchup Pro it get stucked (hangs). I can triple click in the objekt and I see all the blue triangles but I cant edit them. I would like to delte some things and maybe push them down with the Smoove tool. But no luck with that. It should be so nice to do this for med as a garden designer! Any ideas on how tho do this?


Maybe SketchUp doen’t hang but the imported model is so heavy that it just looks that way.
What is the model size?

Check the model with the ‘Outliner’ open to see the stucture of the “object”.

Maybe you just need to explode the imported “object”. That will surely take some time. Then you may be able to work on (edit) on parts easier.

Although it looks like there is only raw (basic) geometry inside the current “object” context. Tripple clicking makes all geometry selected as edges and faces.

Thanks, I tried to explode the model. But same thing happend when I triy to edit the object thereafter.

You canb see the size of the 3D object in the first picture.

The size of the Sketcup file is now 29 MB.

You could try this way:

Keep in mind that you will lose texture if you change the geometry!

And you colud trim the mesh (terrain)