Edges not displaying properly in Mobile Viewer

Edge styles are not rendering in Mobile Viewer, there is just a default black line. Is that normal?

It would help if you shared an image of what you see and what you expect to see.

Thanks for your reply. I mean any styling at all (Styles pallet/ Edit/ Profile, Depth Cue etc etc), any edge colour is only displaying in Mobile Viewer as a default black line. For instance, if I choose (from the Edit menu in the Styles pallet) edge Color: All Same, and make it white, the edges are still black in the Viewer. I could give a screenshot but what I mean is so obvious.

What you’re seeing is not a fluke. It is currently the case that all edges will be shown as black edges.

The following edge style effects are not currently supported:

  • Ability to toggle edges off
  • Back edges
  • Profile Edges
  • Depth Cue
  • Extensions
  • Endpoints
  • Jitter
  • Edge Color
  • Color By Layer
  • NPR Edge Effects (Halo, Level of Detail)