Edge tools not closing gaps

HI there, Newbie here, I’m, doing the lanscape tutorial form the Learn menu on sketchup
in the part where you suppose to flatten the cad and then close the gaps, the Edge Tools “Close all end gaps” function is not doing it like in the video example, therefore I cannot continue form here.

It has only close some gaps, If I run the find gaps options, It actually find all the gaps but there is no way for me to close them, even when the prompt reads “click an open end to close it”, i try to click on the gaps , and even double click but nothing get corrected.

I need to be able to close all the gaps and only then able to create all the faces from there.

Please help

Windows 10

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have you set the tolerance to be larger than your largest gap?

whiterabbitdesigncompany, yes I have tried both, way larger tha the actual size (inches bigger) and to the smallest posible (1/32).
Neither seems to work, it shows the gaps but cannot close them.

Hi @OscarV. I’m the author of those lessons. Can you post your SU file and I can take a closer look? Also, did you flatten all the linework? And are use you using Eneroth Face Creator to make faces from the linework as suggested?

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Also, having just tried it again to make sure that I wasn’t mistaken in my original direction, I found you get better results if you explode the ‘Site’ linework group first…then use the three extensions listed. See difference of trying inside a group and with the group exploded (to right).
*Edit: a few missing faces is normal. The goal is to get as many as possible without having to ‘heal’ manually by new SU drawing lines over the CAD lines.


Hi Eric, I did all steps as prompted by you lessons, for some reason the edge closing tool only closed some of the gaps but not all, I had to manually draw lines where needed in order to complete this step.

I will keep going on the lesson and If I have further trouble with the tools/extensions I will reach you back, thanks a lot.

Here is a base with the faces created for you if it helps you continue along :wink:
LandscapeSiteBase-Faces.skp (1.0 MB)