Edge Gaps - Driving Me Crazy

Using Edge Tools 2 > Close All Edge Gaps, the extension connects the diagonal ends horizontally instead of diagonally to the horizontal base line. Also tried Fredo Tools > Edge Inspector, no luck. Tried various gap settings in the extensions, no help. Tried the extensions on the large gaps, get horizontal/diagonal fixes, no help. Also tried CleanUp3 out of desperation, no help.

Is there another extension (or native solution) that might be effective with this scenario.

Attached is a sample file with lots of gaps, that I used for testing. I would prefer not to have to manually edit to remove these gaps. :wink:

Any help, greatly appreciated.

Gap.skp (4.2 MB)

Curious did the source software create those gaps or a bad draftsperson… be quicker to recreate with native SU tools…?

I suspect that happens because there are no nearby vertices on the border edge. The end of the next diagonal is the nearest vertex available, so it closes the gap over to there. If I’m correct, that isn’t the most sensible logic - the code ought to look also for a way to extend the existing edge in the same direction.

Edge Tools 2 seems to ignore the gaps of the diagonal lines with the horizontal line. Maybe @thomthom could take a look and comment. And maybe @Fredo6 could provide some guidance on Edge Inspector. Thanks

a quick way for recreation:

  • empty rectangle
  • two of those diagonal lines
  • Edge tools: split faces
  • repeat (example: 120x)

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Isn’t this model just “for testing” There could be other models that solving this edge gap fix would be useful for.

Actually, the defect is called Lost Junction. With your model, you should allow 1 meter for the gap closing. Click on the small blue scale to switch to absolute length and enter the length. Then FIX should close all of them.


For the second issue, like below, Edge Inspector does not treat them (I did not consider them as a defect). That would be a different algorithm.


Fredo6, thanks for the reply. Actually, I am trying to close the tiny gaps where the diagonals meet the horizontal edge (~150 gaps along the edges). I do not see these show up in any of the defect categories.

That’s normal. In Edge Inspector, tiny gaps are vertex to vertex.

It would need another tool to make it vertex to edge. But it’s feasible.

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