Edge settings: Color by material

How does the color by material work, is it based on the color of the edge or the layer? What is the function of layer colors?

I’m trying to import a line drawing from AutoCAD, which has different colors on different layers. SU does not seem to be able to import the color of the AutoCAD lines but is able to import the color of the AutoCAD layers.

I already replied in the other post on the same topic - AutoCAD to Sketchup import. You have drawn wrong in Autocad, having all the layers of the same color. Do not change the color of the lines (edges), change the color of the layers.

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That is what I did. SU imports the layers and matching layer colors. What then? Is there a function color edges by layer color?

If I choose Edge Settings -> Color: By material I get undesired results. The undesired result is that the edges of my 3D model become white.

That is how your layers should look like, and always keep elements (lines, arcs, text, etc…) Color - by layer.
Johto-1.dwg (115.2 KB)

Do you want something like this, or what you mean when you say


Please have a look at Johto2.skp (2.1 MB) . The problem is as follows, with Edge Settings / Color / All same (black) I get the following:


With […] By material I get:

The question is that how to have colored lines witouht affecting the color of the edges of the 3D object.

You could change the color of all edges with a plugin that allows you to select what you want.

That object is a group and another nested group. There’s no reason to group an object twice. Secondly, both groups have materials applied to them.
Apply materials to faces and leave the groups default color.

All the edges in the object now have textures applied to them. To fix, paint the groups the default color. and open the inner group and set the view to “wireframe” select all edges and paint them the default color. They should be black thereafter. unless you texture them again.

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It seems that the plugin “Selection Toys” does not select the edges inside groups. Hence, it is of little use here. So my question is how to recursively select all edges and paint them black. In the absence of a color by layer function, the workaround is to color all edges black, all expect those that are supposed some other color than black.

Is there some specific reason why SU allows to assign a specific color for each layer, for what can it be used?

Probably the easiest way to get all of the edges set back to the default material is use CleanUp 3 to remove edge materials.Then go back and paint only the edges you need to change. In future models, handle material application correctly and avoid the extra work you have created in this model.

What exactly do you mean by absence of a color by layer function. Color by layer is available in SketchUp and has been forever.

That allows you to establish specific colors for specific layers. Maybe you want to use red for layers assigned to components/groups that show demolition. Or a light gray for components/groups of things that are not involved in the project. Lots of ways to do that. Of course there’s no requirement to set the colors. You can just let SketchUp assign the colors randomly.

Each plugin I know of seems capable of selecting (or coloring) all edges in the model or all edges in the current context (meaning it won’t select edges in a closed group). My way above is fast for this file, but if you had this problem in another file with many problem groups, this other way might help: Copy the problem groups to another file, use a plugin like Material Tools or CleanUp to change all edges to the default color then paste back into the file.

Instead of copying the problem groups into another file for cleaning, just select the groups and run CleanUp on them in situ. Saves a bunch of unnecessary steps.

You’re right! I took your last post to mean CleanUp wouldn’t work on the individual groups, and that the file edges would have to be re-painted.

The groups should also be reset to default texture as well.

So, looking at the attached model, which I have cleaned with CleanUp3, how do I change the color of the drawing on layer A22 to green while retaining the black edges of the 3D objects?

Temp.skp (6.7 MB)

So, is there a (recursive ) tool that can select all edges within a group?

@DaveR, in response to “What exactly do you mean by absence of a color by layer function. Color by layer is available in SketchUp and has been forever”, What I meant was is the absence of a function that would add color to edge by layer color?

Read up on how layers work. Your model doesn’t follow these basics.
Check out how to purge also. I resent downloading bloated models on a metered connection.

Please note that some of the material in the model is import from AutoCad. Since I’m still learning, I would be glad to know in what specific respect the layers and groups violates the good modelling principles.

Please find attached a minimum working example. I would like to recursively (inside groups and subgroups) select all edges and color them black. The reason for this is that to show the lines from Autocad in color I’ve chosen Styles -> Edit -> Edge settings -> Color: by material.

Edge_problem.skp (272.9 KB)

Use Curic Deep Select - https://extensions.sketchup.com/extension/7af2db66-9931-47ff-a12e-34ba78785495/curic-deep-select

@mihai.s ,would you be so kind to check where this plugin is located the SU user interface, I get a submenu item Curic under Tools, however this submenu item is empty? I’m using SU Pro 2019 on Windows.

Right-click on group > Deep Select

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Thanks, now I managed to deep select the edges.