Colour of imported cad files

I’d like to change the colour of my imported CAD file used as a base to extrude walls.
When one or two imported files (plant, section) are in my model, is difficult to distinguish clearly.
Thank you.

Assuming you have different tags for the different elements in the imported CAD file, turn on Color by Tag in the Tags panel and set the Edge color to by Material in the Styles panel.

Screenshot - 4_26_2020 , 3_47_28 PM

Screenshot - 4_26_2020 , 3_47_52 PM

Ok but,
I don’t like very much to work with “Colour by tag” turned on, I just want to visualize CAD lines in grey (for exemple) while I’m modeling. Is it possible?
Thank you

You can apply a color to the edges in your CAD import with the Paint Bucket.

My CAD file’s entities are lines only. Can I apply colours to them with the Paint Bucket?

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In SketchUp lines are edges and yes, you can apply colors to them. Open the component for editing and select the edges you want to color, select the color and click on a selected edge. Make sure you have set the style as directed earlier.

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I attest this works nicely as Dave says. I have a scene where the edges are by material and the CAD edges are white and it works well, and doesn’t interfere with how my other scenes or elements are done. Great for revisions based on changes in CAD.