Color Edge By Material No Longer Working?

I checked similar forum posts, and most of them are from 2021 at the latest.
I happened upon a YouTube short from SketchUp about the “edge color by material” feature and decided to try it out. I don’t know if there’s some step I’m skipping over without knowing, but there doesn’t seem to be any change in the objects’ edge color when I set it to “by material.”

I’ve got both a solid color and a wood texture on two different objects.
I updated the style with the new settings, and it works when I set to to “by axes,” but I can’t seem to change the edge color to match the different materials. Has anyone else noticed this?

It works in the browser version with no problem:

Have you painted the wood faces individually, if so you would also need to paint the edges.
If you have applied the material to a closed group/component then it would automatically paint the edges. If this isn’t happening then there could be an issue.

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I think that’s done it.
You’re right that if I apply the paint to the cubes when they’re in a group, the toggle seems to work.

Same goes for painting the edges.

The thing people miss is that colour by material doesn’t mean the edges will be the same as the material on the faces, it means they will be coloured by whatever material you apply to them.
If you don’t apply anything to them they will remain default black. Once set to By material each edge or segment can be a different colour, related or unrelated to the face next to it.